To force NL to display in "Full-Screen" mode under Windows Me/2000/XP.

If you select [Full-Screen] for the NL icon properties, and NL still does not display full screen, there is a problem with the internal windows settings for the screen. This is rather complex to fix and if you foul this up it can cause NL not to run AT ALL, so it might be better if you called us, but here goes:

  1. [Right-Click] the NL icon. [Left-Click] [Properties] and the [Screen] tab
  2. Be sure Usage is set for [Window] NOT full-screen, then click [OK].
  3. Start NL from the icon and after it starts simultaneously click [alt][spacebar] to open up a context menu
  4. Select [Properties], then [Layout].
  5. On the layout screen, be sure Screen Buffer size and Window size are both set to Width = 80 , height=25. (Note: If they are already set for this, change one of the settings to something else then immediately back to these settings to force Windows to save the change. These are related and may change together so be sure ALL settings are set these values before exiting)
  6. After setting them to these values, click [OK], and select [Save properties for future windows with same title]
  7. Exit NL by hitting [esc].
  8. [Right-Click] the NL icon. [Left-Click] properties and the [Screen] tab
  9. Set usage for [full-screen].
  10. Restart NL and it should now be in full-screen.