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Natural Music Overview

Natural Music has the features most broadcasters need. When you buy Natural Music you get many advanced features found in music schedulers which you can only rent [for several hundred dollars per month!]. We don't claim to have every bell-and-whistle imaginable, but Natural Music does have the features needed by most broadcasters like:

  • Compatible with most computer automation systems
  • Virtually unlimited number of songs in library [2+ billion songs]
  • Up to 676 different Clocks can be set up
  • 1225 different Music Categories
  • Song 'packeting' supported
  • 9 different sets of rules for different dayparts
    • Gender, Tempo, Intensity, Mood, Style controls
    • Other [User defined] control
    • Artist separation controls [global and individual artist]
    • Prior-day horizontal title separation
    • Artist blocks [multiple songs in-a-row by same artist]
    • 26 Song dayparting restrictions
    • "Never-Violate" and "Preferred" flexible rule specifications
    • Hour circulation rules
    • Automation Source and CD-Disc back-back protection
  • On-Screen log editor
  • On-Screen artist and song play histories
  • Audit Log for troubleshooting
  • Many Reports and Lists including BMI, ASCAP Webcast, RIAA Webcast, SOCAN, SoundExchange, and STIM reports
  • Advanced Music Log generation diagnostics
  • Drag-and-Drop Music-Log editing
  • Cut-and-paste Music-Log editing from Windows ClipBoard
  • Music Log hour and day recycling
  • Music Log reconcilation with BSI WaveStation and other automation "actual-play" Logs
  • User-Configured on-screen song browsing
  • User-Configured Reports on-screen, printed, and exported to text files
  • Creates standard RIAA 'Webcast' performance reports for electonic filing with RIAA
  • Built-in Data Importing from BSI WaveStation and other major automation systems
  • Advanced Music Log generation diagnostics
  • Drag-and-Drop Music-Log editing

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