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Natural Log™ 9 for Windows Upgrade

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Natural Log™ 9 for Windows has now been released. The Natural Log 9 for Windows download will run in full-function mode for 60 days without a software key. Upgrade fees [if applicable] must be paid before we can issue you a permanent software key. We highly recommend you try the program in evaluation mode [without unlocking it] until you decide you want to upgrade. We do not issue refunds after purchase.

Please read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below, then you may download the installation file for the new Natural Log™ 9 for Windows by clicking the last link below.

 Is Natural Log 9 bug-free?

 What are the computer hardware and operating system requirements?

 What are the differences between Natural Log 8 and Natural Log 9?

  What will it cost to upgrade my Natural Log 8 to Natural Log 9?

 How do I import my Natural Log 8 data into Natural Log 9?

 Can I try Natural Log™ 9 for Windows before I have to commit to upgrading?

 What about a printed user manual?

  What about training and support?

 How do I download and install the new version of Natural Log? 


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