Natural Log LITE is a system designed specifically as a low cost limited-edition for users who don't need all the professional broadcast functionality available in the full Natural Log 9 version.

This might include webcasters or LPFM community broadcasters with limited advertisers and small operations.

It is not designed for a full over-the-air broadcast station and has limited capabilities as described below. Importantly, the only automation systems it supports are BSI Simian LITE & StationPlaylist.

But the Natural Log LITE user interface and underlying database is the same as Natural Log 9 so NL-LITE can grow as your business grows...it can be easily upgraded to the full Natural Log license at anytime with no need to modify any data.
Natural Log LITE Limitations
  • Automation Logs created only for Simian LITE, StationPlaylist, or 'Generic Text' automation log formats
  • Limited to 50 active customers
  • Limited to 50 active orders
  • Limited to 1 'broadcast' facility [1 LPFM station or webcast stream]
  • Limited to 5 account reps
  • Limited to 5 Revenue Types
  • Single computer [no multiple user access across Local Area Network]
  • No access to Natural Log e-Order online order entry
  • No e-Invoicing
  • No Special Events Templates
  • No Network Spot Scheduler