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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Knowledgebase

Table of Contents

Upgrading from NL8 to NL9

Registering the software

Moving the software to a new computer

NL8 internal backup fails - backup path not visible, account reps not shown



Electronic Invoicing


Error Messages

Email Issues and Error Messages

How do I register my software?

For Natural Log 9

When you open the program, you will have the option to [Continue Evaluation] or [Register Now].

If you have purchased the software and need to register, please note that you will need to be logged into Windows as an Administrator to unlock the software. If you have a network license for multiple workstations, each machine will need to be registered separately.
If you have the network license, you must also register the network server first, and then register the additional workstations.

  1. Select your Product Activation Type (Stand-Alone Computer, Network Server or Workstation Connected to Network-Server).
  2. Complete the required fields (which are shown in red and marked with an *)
  3. Stand-Alone computers and Network-Servers will require the Product Activation Code. This code is provided when the software is purchased. Enter this code and select ‘Activate ONLINE Now.
  4. Workstations connected to the Network Server will require you to select the Network-Server Name. This will be available via a dropdown showing your network connections. Select the Server name and click [connect to Network Server Now]. This will activate your software.

For Natural Log 8 or Natural Music 5 Registration:

Complete the registration form and then choose [Register by e-mail] and submit the form to us.
Once we receive your registration, we will compute the software key and return it to you.

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What if my software key does not work?(Manual registrations only)

Verify that you are logged on as Administrator, as that is required in order to register the program.
The software key is computer specific. It will work only on the computer from which the registration form was generated. If you have a multi-user license and are installing the program on more than one computer, each computer will have to be registered and will have it's own key.
The information in the key that we send to you must exactly match what is on your registration form on your computer. Spelling, capitalization, punctuation and spaces that differ between the two will cause the key to not work. Double check to make sure that everything matches exactly.

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How do I move the software and files to a new computer?

  1. Use [Data][Backup] on the old machine to save a data backup to any convenient location [such as a flash drive].
  2. Click Downloads, select your product, and SAVE the setup/installer to any convenient location on your computer or thumb drive.
  3. Run the setup/installer.
  4. Start the program on the new machine. You can work in Evaluation for up to 60 days. At any time, you can select [Register now] and complete the registration process.
  5. Run [Data][Restore] on NEW machine to get your data onto the neqw machine
  6. If you have a Natural Log 9 network license and are moving to a new server machine, the original server machine will have to be relocked. You must make sure that you have a current valid data backup prior to relocking Natural Log on the server machine. Please contact us to relock your server machine.
  7. If you have a single machine license for Natural Log 9, Natural Log 8 or Natural Music 5, you will need to relock the software on the old machine and provide us the relock generated from that program prior to receiving the new key.

    To relock on a stand-alone NL9 machine, select Help/Upgrade Natural Log License. Continue to the Activation window and press Alt/Ctrl and F1. Confirm to relock and email us the relock code.

    The relock programs for NL8 and NM5 can be downloaded via these links:
    Relock Natural Music and Relock Natural Log 8
    Save the file to your drive on the old computer. Double click the downloaded file to run the relocking program and record the Relock Code.
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Why am I getting bump errors when I generate my log?

Items are bumped from the log when the program is unable to log the item based on the breaks and specifications set up in your log template and the information entered on your order.Common reasons for items to bump are avail type restrictions, product protect separation, customer separation,order separation, and an insufficient or incorrect length.
In order to determine the specific reason for bumps, from your log, click on the [Tools] menu and then click on [Log Troubleshooter].
Please click here for further details on how the Log Troubleshooter works.

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How do I fill mandatory breaks?

  1. You need to specify the breaks are “Mandatory” in the Natural Log templates. This is selected in the Fill Code field of your breaks.
  2. Put in 1 or more orders for PSA’s. You may want to set up one order with a 30 second rotator and another order with a 60 second rotator. Under the Date Range fields, there is a field for 'Runs', which will say All Weeks by default. Click the drop down to the right of this field and select 'Filler Only'. Select the Time Range the order may run, and then the # of broadcasts per day. You will need to put in WAY more than you think you’ll ever need. When entered to run as 'Filler Only' NL8 will only select as many as it needs to fill the empty mandatory breaks AFTER it logs all regular spots. You may also enter 'Filler' in the Description/Note field.

  3. Caution, if you put these orders all under 1 customer account, be sure to set the required separation for the customer to 0 minutes so it can use more than 1 PSA per break if needed.

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How do I fix a copy error on my log?

Highlight the copy error that you wish to fix in the Copy Errors tab at thebottom of your log. Doubleclick on the line to move to that line on your log. Right click theline of your log. This will bring up a menu. You can click on [Edit Log Item] and change the copyfrom that window. This will edit the copy on this log that you have already generated. It willnot change the copy on your order and you may have later copy errors on this order if you do not fixthe order as well. You can right click on the line again to bring up the same menu. This time, clickon [View OrderLine Detail]. Changing the copy in your orderline will change the order for all futurelogs that you generate.

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Why does my pending list show zeroes in all columns when I try to do billing?

Your logs must all be charged in order to send the information from them to billing. From the Billing menu, choose Broadcast Invoices. Check the drop down boxes to make sure that you have chosen the correct month and year that you wish to bill for.You can then click the menu item that says [Charge Logs].

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I charged all of my logs. Why does it say "Invoices thru last log Finalized and Charged for" a date that does not go through the end of the month?

If you have more than one station on your database, and in the dropdown for Station you have chosen "All Stations", the date shown will be the last date that the logs were charged for all stations in the database. If you generated logs only through Nov 15th for WABC and generated logs through Nov 30th for WABD, then the date shown will be Nov. 15th. You can either choose the one station in your station dropdown box, or charge all of the logs on the other stations.

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I charged my logs through the end of my month for all stations, and my invoice list still shows all $0.00.

Check your orders to make sure that you have entered a cost. Package costs are entered on the Invoice Instructions tab of your order. Per broadcast costs are entered on the Schedule tab of your order.

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How do I add an item to a pending invoice?

Doubleclick on the pending invoice to open it. Highlight an item on the invoice to select it.Click on the Edit menu at the top left of the invoice and then click on [Insert an Item]. Thiswill open up a window showing the orders for this customer. Click on the orderline that you wish to insert an item from. Select the Run Date and Run Time and click on the button at the top right that says[Insert Item]. Verify the run time, length, copy ID and cost, and click on [Save].This item has been added to the invoice. You can add more items if needed. When you close the invoice your changes will be saved.

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How do I create a copy rotator?

Please click here for complete instructions on creating a copy rotator.

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I am getting an Error 2147417848: Automation Error.

That error is typically caused by an issue with some video screen swapping in windows. Exit NL8. Reboot your computer and restart the program.This should resolve the problem for you.

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After updating, I am getting error sub paint messagebox error 482 printer error, or error -41, and am unable to print to a .pdf file or email.

Exit Natural Log. Reboot your computer and restart the program.This should resolve the problem for you.

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When attempting to send email from the program, I receive a warning for each email, asking if I want to allow the email to be sent.

This setting is in your email program and/or your anti-virus software and is not controlled by Natural Log. It is a setting meant to prevent spam that will warn you when a program attempts to send email on your behalf. However, we hvae added an option in Natural Log to disable this. Go to Billing/Electronic Invoices/Help/Hide Outlook Warnings and select your version of Outlook. You can also this setting in Microsoft Outlook via Tools/Trust Center/Programmatic Access. Uncheck the option to be warned when a third party tries to send email on your behalf. Instead of ‘Always Warn Me’, you will need to select ‘Never Warn Me’. The exact options will vary between email programs and versions. Your anti-virus software may also have a setting for outgoing emails as well.

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Some customers are not receiving my email attachments sent from Natural Log.

If you are using Outlook to send your emails it is possible that Outlook is using “RTF” format to encode the emails. If this is the case, recipients who are NOT using Outlook cannot receive attachments. Instead they usually receive the text message plus a “winmail.dat” file. This is a known issue with outlook [and other Microsoft emails]. if you are using Outlook, make sure that you set your options to use plain text or HTML. Do not use the RTF format. Click here for additional information

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