Simply click on [Continue Evaluation] to work in the Evaluation Mode of Natural Log 9 if you are trying out the software.
The program will work in Evaluation mode for up to 60 days.

If you have purchased the software and need to register, please note that you will need to be logged into Windows as an Administrator to unlock the software.
If you have the network license, you must register the network server first, and then register the additional workstations.
  1. Select your Product Activation Type (Stand-Alone Computer, Network Server or Workstation Connected to Network-Server).
  2. Complete the required fields (which are shown in red and marked with an *)
  3. Stand-Alone computers and Network-Servers will require the Product Activation Code. This code is provided when the software is purchased. Enter this code and select ‘Activate ONLINE Now.
  4. Workstations connected to the Network Server will require you to select the Network-Server Name. This will be available via a dropdown showing your network connections. Select the Server name and click [connect to Network Server Now]. This will activate your software.
PLEASE NOTE: If your server location name begins with //, then you will need to delete the // from this field to complete the activation.
PLEASE NOTE: If the server location cannot be found or you do not have access to the server from the workstation, you will receive an error message stating ‘Can’t connect to Local-Area-Network Natural Log acivation Key server.” You will need to contact your IT person to properly network your workstation to the server in order to activate the software. We are unable to assist you with this process.


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